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The Armed forces Covenant

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Empower Your Fitness: Veteran-Designed Wellness for service leavers


The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from the nation that those who serve or have served, as well as their families, should be treated fairly.


We are proud to uphold that promise by offering fitness, health, and wellbeing services at cost price to the following groups:

1. Currently serving Regular or Reserve members of the UK Armed Forces.

2. Family members of someone currently serving or who has previously served in the UK Armed Forces.

3. Bereaved family members of someone who died while serving in the UK Armed Forces.

4. Service leavers and former members (‘veterans’) of the UK Armed Forces."

British Army Veterans in York


Transitioning from service to civilian life, we often grapple with a sense of disconnection. It's not just about adapting to a different pace of life, but also about finding our place in a world that operates on entirely different norms. At work, it's common to feel out of sync with colleagues who haven't walked the path we have. The bond we share with fellow veterans is invaluable; they get it without a word needing to be said. And through it all, our pride in having served our country remains a steadfast part of who we are. We're part of a large community - over 2.4 million strong in Great Britain alone - a reminder that we're not alone in this journey.

Our Personal Training offers 10 Key Benefits for Veterans and their Families:

1. Custom Workouts: Get plans tailored to your unique fitness journey.

2. Injury Care: Prevent and rehabilitate injuries with expert guidance.

3. Stress Reduction: Combat stress through regular, structured exercise.

4. Enhanced Physical Health: Improve strength and endurance for a smoother transition to civilian life.

5. Mental Wellbeing: Alleviate anxiety and depression through fitness.

6. Discipline and Drive: Maintain military discipline with our motivational support.

7. Community Connection: Find camaraderie and support in our training sessions.

8. Goal Achievement: Set and smash fitness goals with our structured approach.

9. Nutritional Advice: Enjoy comprehensive health support, including diet tips.

10. Flexible Training: Adapt your fitness regime to life's changing demands.



RAF Veterans
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